Uniting our brands for a focused future.

Uniting our brands for a focused future.

Ben Staub, President BastechBastech began in 1994 as a small prototyping and rapid manufacturing company. Today, the company is a multifaceted additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing) solution provider.


BastechLogoBen Staub, Jr., owner and president, came from a strong manufacturing-based, entrepreneurial family. He first learned the complexities of programming and prototyping using 3D printing in the early 90’s shortly after this game-changing technology was commercialized. The company is now an industry leader in additive manufacturing, delivering revolutionary solutions for industries such as aerospace, medical, jewelry, packaging, metal casting, injection molding, education and many others.

Bastech has grown from it’s use of stereolithography for primarily industrial prototyping to supplying the gamut of 3D printing services including; Direct Metal Printing, investment casting wax and plastic patterns, high-resolution MultiJet printing, Select Laser Sintering and full-color concept model printing. These capabilities complement the engineering, manufacturing and production expertise that Bastech has to offer it’s customers.

Expansion #1

PrintAs if Bastech’s array of rapid manufacturing capabilities wasn’t enough, in 2006 Staub formed another business to fill the needs of customers that were ready to bring 3D printing equipment in to their operations. Rapid Direction, Inc. began selling professional 3D solutions and has since expanded adding other leading brands including Creaform, MarkForged, Makerbot and others. From stereolithography machines to direct metal printers and high-resolution 3D scanners to a full suite of software, RDI has continued to grow each year in sales and reach.


Expansion #2

PrintWith the advent of consumer-driven, desktop printers selling for under $1,500, yet another business model made sense. GetPrinting3D, the retail and ecommerce 3D printing-related company was formed in 2012. Two retail, brick-and-mortar stores were opened to give the general public the opportunity to experience this space age tech first-hand. Now anyone could buy a printer, get their 3D model printed, and even get scanned and printed in living color as a lifelike 3D miniature.


Each of the three business models makes sense to the appropriate audience but an interesting change happened when the lines between the markets began to blur. Nearly every industry, from manufacturing to culinary, was trying to figure out how to apply 3D printing. What was once a defined “parts” customer was now also in the market for a production 3D printer for the shop floor or even a desktop solution for their designers to have easy access for quick prototypes.


Staub realizes that customers of one company may often have no idea what the other has to offer, causing missed opportunities to better serve them. Say, for example, an electronics manufacturer who outsources prototype parts to Bastech might not even be aware that Rapid Direction, Inc., could actually provide an equipment solution.


More applications for 3D printing are being developed every day and Staub’s team wants Bastech to grow with the demand while giving customers the single, best resource. Over the next few months, a concentrated brand identity will be rolled out to present a clear, single solution under the name Bastech.


bastech-logo-newRebranding is never an easy decision, or an uncomplicated one to execute. But this is the right time and ‘Bastech’ will become the one solution for our customers.


Bastech corporate headquarters are located at 9233 N. Dixie Dr. in Dayton. The Chicagoland office is in beautiful downtown Evanston, Illinois at 820 Davis St,. Suite 111. For more information, contact Bastech, Inc., by calling the corporate offices at 855-890-9292 or go online to www.bastech.com.