Rapid Prototype

BasTech’s Advanced Rapid Tooling Division offers the quickest, most accurate tooling technologies available today. Our center utilizes many different but complementary rapid tooling processes for creating plastic injection molds, stamping dies, wax dies, and diecast dies. Our experienced engineers will select the most appropriate and cost-effective method based on client lead-time, tolerance requirements, production volumes, and material specifications. BasTech’s Advanced Rapid Tooling Division can guide your project from CAD model through plastic injection in as little as 12 to 15 days.

Primary Advantages Include:
  • Speed

  • Cost-effective for complex tooling and multi-tool projects

  • Fully automated process

  • Reduces/eliminates human error

  • Creative design possibilities

  • Superior in strength and hardness to aluminum

  • Few geometry constraints–waterlines and undercuts permissible

  • Better accuracy and fewer size limitations than previous versions

  • Durable metal molds for 10 to 20,000 injection molded plastic parts

  • Can be plated, textured, machined, EDM (d), or welded (brazed)

  • Can also be used for creating complex metal parts

  • Consistent delivery and tolerance


  • Developmental Tooling: 1.5 to 2 weeks, 20 to 1,000 parts

  • Mid-Range Tooling: 2 to 4 weeks, 200 to 5,000 parts

  • Low-Volume Production or Bridge Tooling:4 to 5 weeks, 5,000 to 20,000 parts


Could your company benefit from typical lead time reductions? Our rapid tooling capabilities, direct from your 3D data, are coupled with traditional tool-making skills and a responsive fast-paced working environment. We offer our customers a mix of technologies to produce prototype, bridge, and low-volume molded parts in production intent thermoplastic materials.

For larger prototype parts where strength and durability are critical, BasTech offers computer numerical control machining (CNC). This rapid prototyping process is enhanced by offering reproductions in acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, glass-filled nylon, tooling boards, aluminum-filled epoxy, and wood. BasTech offers the following CNC options:

  • Larger material selection when compared to SLS and SLA

  • Tighter tolerances when compared to other rapid prototyping

  • Surfaces feature clean, crisp lines without the “stair-stepping” of SLS and SLA