Direct Polymer Printing


New digital molding technology is revolutionizing the direct production of 3D printed plastic parts, and it is doing so at scale. The tool-less plastic parts manufacturing process is rapidly becoming efficient and effective for many applications.

BasTech utilizes 3D Systems Figure 4 technology, a modular and scalable manufacturing solution using non-contact membrane DLP (Digital Light Printing), state-of-the-art plastic resins, and a light-based UV curing process that takes minutes versus hours with heat-based curing processes.

The system architecture of Figure 4 enables superior final part and material quality, including improvements to toughness, durability, high-temperature deflection, and elastomeric properties. This is possible due to the speed of the non-contact membrane process combined with the low static volume print tray, which allows for more highly reactive material chemistries that might not be achievable with other photopolymer 3D printing methods.