NEW Direct Metal Printing Materials Available

Bastech has expanded its Direct Metal Printing (DMP) parts capabilities by adding two new materials. Bastech can now work with Inconel 718 and aluminum alloy AlSi12, which are tuned in and running to perfection.

Aluminum Alloy AlSi12 Additive Printing

Printing in aluminum alloy AlSi12 is great for automotive, aerospace, and aviation parts. It has an impressive high strength to weight ratio with good thermal properties. It’s one of the fastest-building and most cost effective material available.

Inconel 718 Additive Printing

Printing in Inconel 718 has many benefits as well. Applications that focus on complex components can see a benefit from printing parts in Inconel 718. It holds its strength and durability even at the highest temperature. Using this material in additive manufacturing rather than traditional manufacturing allows the process to be more convenient, ensures you reap all the benefits of Inconel 718, and is more cost effective overall.

Bastech’s Metal Printing Capabilities

By printing in aluminum alloy AlSi12 and Inconel 718, we now have even more metal printing capabilities. Our printing capabilities now include the following materials: Aluminum AlSi12, SS 316L, SS 17-4, Maraging Steel and Inconel 718. While maraging steel and SS 17-4 are good for tooling needs, the addition of Inconel and Aluminum will give Bastech the ability to print light weight piece parts in aluminum and high strength piece parts in Inconel. Whatever you need printed, we have the machines and materials to get the job done.