MarkForged announces next generation 3D printer

What was already an amazing and unique desktop 3D printer, the MarkForged Mark One has now been taken to the next level. Enter the Mark Two

MarkForgedMarkTwopart2This industrial strength 3D printer prints in engineering-grade nylon and additionally reinforces prints with continuous-strand fiber – Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass or Kevlar® giving the user the ability to create strong fully-functional tools, jigs, gauges and end-use parts. Two printheads, two materials in one print. Exquisite UI in the specialized Eiger software makes it easy to add layers of fiber, adjust nylon fill densities and patterns, adjust fiber angles and more.

Next level modifications to this desktop workhorse include:

  • 40% faster fiber printing
  • Reinforce features 15 times smaller than before
  • A host of incremental improvements in software, hardware and materials to enhance the overall experience
  • The new “Enterprise bundle” allows customers to print fiber material that can handle higher temperature environments, important for customers in the aerospace and automotive industries.
  • In addition to what is available in the Professional kit, the Enterprise bundle includes:
    • High temperature material, starting with fiberglass with 140 Celsius heat deflection temperature
    • Single sign-on – simplifies access control for companies
    • Optional two-factor authentication for enhanced security
    • Early access to new features
    • Company admin portal – gated access to files

The new Mark Two continues to offer the original remarkable features that make the MarkForged solution the engineer’s choice:

  • Precision Design – The Mark Two print bed clicks into place with 10 micron accuracy – allowing you to pause a print, remove the bed, add components, click the bed back in and then continue the print in the exact same position.
  • Generous build volume – 320mm x 132mm x 154mm
  • Powerful Software – Eiger, our browser-based 3D printing software runs on any computer and is designed to be easy to use.
  • STRONG materials –
    • Carbon Fiber – highest strength to weight as well as the highest thermal conductivity. Perfect for applications requiring the greatest possible stiffness and strength.
    • Fiberglass – most cost-effective material. It’s a strong as Carbon Fiber, but 40% as stiff, and 2X the weight. Suited to everyday applications where you need strong parts.
    • Kevlar – best abrasion resistance and is our most flexible material. For when you need parts that are durable and resistant to impact.

How much does it cost to print? The part below, which is printed in nylon and reinforced with carbon fiber, cost under $7 in material to build and took a little over 6 hours on the Mark One. Hardware – thread inserts and machine screws were purchased from the local hardware store.BastechMarkForgedLensFrameCombo

Call today to order the Mark Two – 855-890-9292

More details on the MarkForged 3D Printer – now with three options – Standard Kit, Professional Kit, Enterprise Bundle