BasTech – the premier supplier of digital casting patterns

BasTech has been supplying Wax and QuickCast patterns to aerospace foundries for decades.  Our proprietary process enables us to provide accurate, consistent patterns with the highest surface quality available in the industry.

Investment Casting in the 21st Century

Investment casting is a precise metals forming methodology that delivers value across industries, from aerospace, mechanical, automotive to intricate dental work, jewelry, and sculpture. For centuries the trade-off for smooth and accurate investment casted parts has been high costs and long casting pattern lead times.

The evolution of parts is accelerating dramatically, resulting in shorter product life cycles and lower volumes of casted parts between cycles. Waiting for tooling for obsolete parts for aging aircraft also mean delays for aircraft to be repaired, costing time and money. Demand for faster foundry production is increasing in all industries and foundries need to be ready to respond.

Delivering the Digital Foundry

To meet pressures of shorter product life cycles, foundry labor shortages, and a need for more complex geometries, foundries are adopting additive technologies and investment casting materials that deliver on the demands being faced.

These new ‘Digital Foundry’ solutions deliver massive time and cost savings: Production workflows that now take weeks will be done in hours. Product runs can be smaller, serving more discriminating markets. Customers will place new expectations on foundries to deliver parts faster.

BasTech assists our clients by rapidly providing tool-less digital wax & quick cast patterns.  When volumes justify, we provide injection molded wax patterns through our tooling manufactured in house.

Do you need another opinion on an existing project?  Might there be a better process to produce your castings? Contact us to ask.

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