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3D Touch Haptic Stylus

Using Geomagic Sculpt with the included Touch Haptic 3D Stylus supercharges your design process. It is the most intuitive and natural way to interact with your 3D design. Instead of a cursor moving in 2D space, you use a set of onscreen sculpting tools that move with the Touch stylus in your hand.

Everyone knows how to use their hands but not everyone knows how to use CAD software. Touch is a haptic 3D stylus that puts digital content in your hand, allowing you to actually feel models on the screen. Designed for intuitive 3D sculpting, Touch eliminates the intimidation of traditional 3D modeling.



  • 6 degrees of freedom

  • Force feedback, so you feel what you touch on-screen

  • USB interface

  • Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm)

  • Base diameter: 5.5 inches (14cm)


Representing the new generation in haptic technologies, the Touch 3D Stylus delivers a sense of touch to design in an affordable solution. Compatible with Geomagic Sculpt and the Freeform family of products.


Geomagic Touch Haptic Device

The Geomagic Touch is a mid-range professional haptic device. Used in research, 3D modeling, OEM applications and more, Geomagic Touch allows users to freely sculpt 3D clay, enhance scientific or medical simulations, increase productivity with interactive training, and easily maneuver mechanical components to produce higher quality designs.

Geomagic Touch is a motorized device that applies force feedback on the user’s hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as the user manipulates on-screen 3D objects. Leading companies integrate the Geomagic Touch and haptics into their work to achieve compelling solutions using the realistic sense of touch.

Geomagic Touch Can be Used in Diverse Applications, Including:

  • Simulation

  • Training

  • Skills assessment

  • Rehearsal

  • Virtual assembly

  • Robotic control

  • Collision detection

  • Machine interface design

  • Rehabilitation

  • Mapping

  • A vast number of other applications


Phantom Premium Haptic Device

The Phantom® Premium™ haptic devices fulfill the requirements of a vast range of research and commercial applications. These high-precision devices provide the largest workspaces and highest forces in the Phantom line while offering a broad range of force feedback workspaces, various ranges of motion, and varying stiffness. Phantom Premium haptic devices also come in 6DOF models, which offer six degrees of freedom (3 translational, 3 torque) in output capabilities.

With ranges of motion approximating hand movement pivoting at the wrist, elbow, or shoulder, the Phantom Premium can fulfill the requirements of manufacturing verification, machine component visualization, medical research and simulation, and an assortment of other haptically-enabled 3D applications.

Three models make up the Phantom Premium line of haptic devices: Premium 1.0, Premium 1.5 and 1.5/HF, and Premium 3.0. While the models are designed with different ranges of motion and specifications, each one is constructed for maximum durability and simple PC connection via the parallel port (EPP) interface. See below for more information on the individual models.


OpenHaptics Toolkit

In custom, third-party and R&D applications, Geomagic haptic devices require the use of the OpenHaptics® toolkit. This software toolkit gives developers the ability to fully integrate a Geomagic device’s capabilities with 3D applications. At a high level, the toolkit enables Geomagic haptic device support, true 3D navigation, material properties, and polygonal object support for applications already using OpenGL. At lower levels, the toolkit gives developers complete access to sensor readings, device control, direct control of force rendering, and more. A QuickHaptics™ micro-API is also included to enable rapid development of haptic applications by using the provided example code.



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