3D Systems Makes 3D Printed Life Simple at CES 2014

3D Systems Video Round Up of Product Announcements from CES 2014

3D Printing Industry, BY 3D PRINTING INDUSTRY

“CES 2014 is seeing plenty of product announcements from a lot of companies. One to take a full advantage of this event is definitely 3D Systems. So far they have announced the Cube 3, Food & Ceramics 3D Printing, and one of the biggest announcements so far, the CubeJet – the first consumer 3D printer (under $5000) to utilize the jetting 3D printing process. And if that was not enough, they’re also bringing will.i.am on board as the company’s new Chief Creative Officer. If you don’t feel like shifting through all of those articles, just kick back, relax and play the video below to see 3D Systems’ CEO Avi Reichental introduce all the new products that will “usher in a new era of 3D printing and 3D lifestyle”.”